Fire safety 

This course is designed  to provide a basic terminology of fire safety and the importance to manage the fire hazards on the workplaces Leaners will know the practical knowledge to control a fire and the fire prevention technique on workplace hello

Who should attend this course?

 Any one who is responsible to manage fire risk on site or nay body who want to the basic fire safety

This course is also suitable for managers, supervisors, team leaders, fire warden/marshals and staff working in the area where there is a potential of fire risk.

How this course will Assessed?

  • This qualification is assessed by a MCQ's examination

 Topic Covered 

  • Fire hazards & risk
  • Fire terminology
  • Fire spared principle
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Responsibility of fire warden
  • Emergency evacuation Procedure


IEHSAS provide one day training session for this course with a practical application to control a fire by using extinguisher. You can ask us to arrange in house session for fire safety training.